Aug 21 , 2022

Why do You Need Double Pane Windows?


Why do you need double pane windows?

Glazing takes up over 80% of the whole window, playing a key role in energy efficiency. Those days are gone when people were using single pane windows. With the fast development in technology, people nowadays are using more double pane windows for their new houses or new decorations for old houses, even some like three pane windows. Double pane windows are already a common practice, not a new trend that only a few people would like to try. Yet, some people may still wonder what benefits double pane windows can bring more than sing pane windows.

Why Choose Double Pane Windows?

There are many reasons why you need double pane windows. Mostly because they have many benefits on energy efficiency, various designs as well as aesthetics and maybe others. They bring more benefits and more possibilities for your windows.

Because double pane windows are more energy efficient.

The main reason why many homeowners go more for double pane windows is that double pane windows are more energy efficient than single pane windows. Although it’s one pane added, the whole effect is different. Because the thickness gets thicker, naturally it improves the strength of the entire window, and so is the energy efficiency. The better the energy efficiency, the less money you would spend to have a warm winter and a cool summer.

Double pane windows have one more pane than single pane windows, and that means they are stronger and have better performance on sound insulation. Therefore, they also can withstand more extreme weather and can be used for long years. Windows are things that you hate to reinstall or replace, so it’s important to go with double pane windows at the very first beginning.

Because double pane windows are easier to upgrade the energy efficiency.

If you have selected a double pane for your windows, you still feel like you need a higher level of energy efficiency. There are a few things you can easily do to upgrade the level of energy efficiency.

Double pane windows form some gaps between two glass panes. There is a spacer, usually a metal one, to connect the panes. And if you can change the metal spacer into a non-mental spacer, you can improve the energy efficiency by reducing the amount of heat or coldness transmission with the non-metal spacer. The space between the pane is naturally filled with gas. If you pump into gas like argon or another type, it will improve the ability to absorb moisture caused by condensation. What’s more, double pane windows have better sealing systems than single pane windows. If you apply better sealing strips, it will surely reduce more air flowing through the sealing strips.

Because double pane windows provide various designs.

One thing you can do with double pane windows to make them more aesthetic is to have an inside grille between two glass panes. Grilles, besides having various styles, can be in three styles—only inside, only outside, or between the glass panes—or their combinations. Double pane windows make the design of grilles between the glass panes possible. With them, you can save the effort of cleaning or maintaining the grilles if you have only one layer of grilles and they’re between the glass panes. And they will make your windows have a more tridimensional effect if you have both grilles inside and outside as well as the layers between the two glass panes.

Another thing you can do with double pane windows is you can have blinds between the panes. Therefore, you don’t need to clean the blinds, or you don’t need curtains to provide privacy. There is almost no maintenance since the blinds are dust-free in the glass panes. Besides, those designs make blinds last for a longer period before you need to replace them.

Because double pane windows bring more aesthetics.

With more choices for designs, double pane windows surely will make your windows more beautiful. Most of the designs on glass the pane, like the grille between the two panes, are almost available for most manufacturers. But, still, every manufacturer has its unique designs on windows. They may be able to make the casement window look like double-hung window (by some designs on the grilles) or other designs. You may refer your ideas of the expected effect to your manufacturers, and see what and how they can surprise you with unique designs when it comes to the designs of windows.

Do I need three pane windows?

No, at least in most cases. Three pane windows are certainly more energy efficient than double pane windows. However, assuming you need to upgrade the energy efficiency, the above ways based on double pane windows are good enough to provide an improved effect on energy efficiency, so there is no need to change into three pane windows. Besids , a three-pane makes the glazing much heavier, so you will need a stronger frame and hardware to support the glazing. In other words, more costs will be paid with the extra pane.

That’s one thing, but say you are living in a community with extreme weather and winters can be very cold, you need to go with three pane windows. Naturally, stronger frames and hardware are needed to match those windows. However, energy efficiency is the most important factor in a climate with extreme weather than other factors.

Why do You Need Double Pane Windows?

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