Jan 19 , 2023

What You Need To Know About Beveled Glass


What You Need To Know About Beveled Glass

Each section of your home is an excellent opportunity to express your personality. As surprising as it may be, every piece, including doors and windows, is customizable. One incredible way to customize your window is to go for decorative glass. Several options are available but let’s first focus on beveled glass. Beveled glass is a type of stained glass that has been beautifully cut into triangular shapes to create a fantastic beveled edge. It gives your space a luxurious feel.

This article discusses the different types of beveled glass windows and how to select the best one for your space.

What Is a Beveled Glass Window?

A beveled glass window is a window with a beveled edge. The beveled edge is sloped and is formed by cutting or grinding the glass edge at a particular angle to create a prism. The prism alters the refraction of light as it traverses the windows. Thus, it creates a rainbow of colors and splits light into unusual patterns.

Beveled glass windows can be used as:

• Decorative accents

• Light diffusers

• Privacy screens

Often, beveled windows are divided into panes comprising small bars referred to as cames. This division creates even more light refraction as each pane is beveled to fill the window with several prisms.

Types of Beveled Glass Windows

Beveled glass windows fall under two categories: clear and colored.

Clear Beveled Glass Windows

These are made using a piece of clear glass cut into a triangular shape. The cut glass is then positioned in front of another piece of glass to create the beveled edge. Clear beveled glass windows are the perfect choice if you want to give your home an elegant feel without compromising on natural light.

Colored Beveled Glass Windows

Colored beveled glass windows are made using a stained glass piece cut into triangular shapes. The glass is then put in front of another piece to form the beveled edge. Colored beveled glass can have multiple colors that would create an image. This idea gives birth to an aesthetically pleasing look, but unfortunately, it may not go with all of your interior décors. For this reason, it is essential to check whether it complement's your home's general theme.

Types of Beveled Glass Window Patterns

Beveled glass windows are available in several patterns, including:

• Hexagonal: This glass pattern is best suited for use in side windows. It gives the illusion of a bigger space.

• Floral: Floral-patterned glass windows are perfect for the main door. This could be in the living room, but ensure sufficient lighting comes in. This way, the stained glass does not fade.

• Inscribed Circles: Inscribed circle patterns in beveled glass windows would look great in the kitchen window. They offer more privacy whilst still allowing sufficient light to get into the room.

• Stained Glass: Stained glass beveled windows are ideal for bathroom windows. Besides offering privacy, they give your room a feel of elegance.

How to Choose the Right Beveled Glass Window for Your House

Selecting the best-beveled glass window to suit your home's needs can prove challenging. Thankfully, here are some helpful tips you can always rely on:

Window Size

Beveled glass windows are available in various sizes. Therefore it is essential to select one that fits well in the available space. Besides, consider the size of the window opening when making your selection. A smaller-sized window will look outrageous, while a larger-sized one may overwhelm the space.

Glass Type

As you may have read above, beveled glass windows can be colored or clear. Clear beveled glass windows are your go-to choice if you want to make your home look elegant without experimenting with color. Colored beveled glass windows, on the other hand, should be considered if you want a pop of color in your home.

Window Design

Beveled glass windows can be round, oval, or square. Consider a shape that complements your home’s overall design.


As you might have guessed, beveled windows are priced higher end. Therefore, prepare a budget before you embark on shopping. Once you have established how much money you can afford, start exploring beveled glass window options that best fit your budget.

What Are the Benefits of Beveled Glass?

Here are some of the benefits of beveled glass:

• It can help you add a touch of elegance to your space

• It helps make small spaces appear larger thanks to its ability to create a three-dimensional effect.

• Beveled glass is also known for its ease of cleaning and maintenance. Its smooth surface means that fingerprints and dirt are less likely to accumulate. This makes it a perfect choice for homeowners with pets or kids.

• Its strength and durability make it ideal for areas with safety concerns, such as indoors and in shower enclosures.

• It offers privacy while allowing entry of light into the room. The bevelling creates a diffused effect, making it hard to see through the glass.

Functional Benefits of Beveled Glass Window

While aesthetics is an equally vital factor to consider when purchasing your beveled glass window, ensure you do not sacrifice functionality for it.

The functional benefits of beveled glass windows include the following:

• Enhanced security

• Improved energy efficiency

• Improved privacy

What Other Places Can Beveled Glass Be Used In?

Beveled glass has a wide range of options. Besides doors and decorative windows, here are other products that use this glass option:

• Table tops

• Cabinet door

• Windowed walls

• Insulated units

• Mirrors

Final Thoughts

Are you looking to upgrade your lovely home and can’t find a solution you like? Beveled glass windows might just be what you've been looking for. Ensure you engage an experienced glass expert to discuss your options. This way, they can guide you on the best-beveled glass option for your needs. Whether you want a signature window piece or a grand entryway, beveled glass satisfies all your cravings. It amplifies even the littlest details in your home and screams intricacy, creativity, and elegance all at once.

What You Need To Know About Beveled Glass

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