Jul 24 , 2020

Why are 24x24 23.5x23.5 standard Size windows popular for replacement windows and new windows for homeowners?


A window with 24x24 size is a standard size window, which stands for 609 mm wide and 609mm high for rough opening and the windows size is 1/4 or 1/2 smaller than the rough opening.

What are standard size window of 24x24?

A standard size window of 24x24 is commonly seen. They could be fixed windows, slider or awning or casement windows. 24x24 windows are standard size windows, which fit most of the opening. Standard size windows are cheaper than customized windows, as suppliers could be easier to manufacture and store.

Are 24x 24 windows with double pane?

Single pane was used for glazing in the past time, however, they are not with great energy efficiency or strong enough. Double pane is widely used in contemporary-made windows and doors. With one more glass pane, the overall energy efficiency is greatly improved. With the thickness of 5mm or 6mm, double pane are connected with an aluminum spacer to form insulating glass unit.

Are 24x24 windows with aluminum frame? 

When we are saying 24x24 windows, we are talking about windows from their sizes. A 24x24 windows could be with wood, aluminum, vinyl window frame and wood aluminum composite frame. China WDMA windows offers the above four window frame for 24x24 windows to best meet your project needs based on your climates. 

Are 24x24 windows good for casement windows?

Casement windows are easy to operate and offer maximum ventilation. 24x24 windows are great for casement windows, as they allow just right amount of opening to offer good ventilation. Casement could be with various styles of grilles to make it more stylish, including colonial, prairie and other popular windows styles.

What shall I do if my windows are not standard sizes like 24x24 windows?

24x24 windows, or 24x36 windows are some typical standard size windows. If you are not sure whether your window size is your standard, you could check on it online. If they are not standard size, you might need customized size, that is, to require the manufacturers to make windows as per your specific sizes and quantities, which usually cost more but with better quality.

China WDMA windows cooperate with over 20 different scales of factories, our production line covers most of the windows and doors products with different level of quality to meet your various project need. To find out more, you are welcome to contact our window experts for consultation.

Why are 24x24 23.5x23.5 standard Size windows popular for replacement windows and new windows for homeowners?

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